“Mastering The Basics”

New Features of SMART Notebook 11

How to use the Activity Builder-1             How to use the Activity Builder-2

What is an object? 1 of 2                         What can we do with an object? 2 of 2

The Creative Pen   (I call it the Happy Birthday Pen)

The New Smart Internet Browser

The New Smart Toolbar

The New Crayon Pen, Irregular shape fill feather and Reset feature

How to orient and align my Smartboard

How to Supersize your Notebook 11 Gallery with the New Gallery Beta 2.0

How to upload the Beta 2.0 Gallery (not my video but really good) step by step


How to Edit and Modify Existing Lesson Plans from the SMART Exchange site

Maybe use it as it is (8 min)- pt 1 of 2       How to Edit and Modify It (12 min)- pt 2 of 2

In the above two videos you will learn how to : use the reset feature, clone objects, ungroup objects, use the dual page display, add a page, resize objects, lock and unlock objects, edit text, infinitely clone objects and groups of objects, same and rename a file, clone a page, unlock background objects, delete objects and use what I call the Pick and Poke technique of exploring and being creative while editing lesson plans.

The Pick and Poke Technique to Editing Lesson Plans (20 min)



Miscellaneus Topics

How to get the Voki widget on my Smart Notebook page

How to create the Voki widget and get it into my Smart Notebook gallery

What all can I do with the Voki widget?






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